Bridge Growth Partners’ Accedian acquires Performance Vision

Accedian Networks Inc., a portfolio company of Bridge Growth Partners, LLC, has acquired Performance Vision, a leader in network and application performance management (NPM/APM). Financial terms were not disclosed.

Montreal based Accedian delivers exceptional end-to-end network and application performance visibility, for control over the best possible end-user digital experience.

In March 2017, Bridge Growth Partners made a majority equity investment in Accedian Networks Inc., a Montreal based provider of highly accurate network performance monitoring and assurance solutions.

Founded in 2004, Boston based Performance Vision is a leading vendor in the network and application performance management (NPM/APM) and network visibility markets. More than 400 enterprise customers worldwide already use Performance Vision for their daily IT operations, including global names such as KPMG, Orange, CGI, banking leader BPCE, and government organizations including the French Ministry of the Interior. An extensive list of partners use the solution to provide IT services, while some host NPM/APM using software as-a-service (SaaS).

The acquisition is a natural complement to Accedian’s performance assurance portfolio, used by many of the largest communications service providers worldwide. Performance Vision’s technology brings advanced end-user digital experience monitoring capabilities to Accedian’s existing customer base, while expanding its addressable market to key enterprise segments including banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and cloud services. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Performance Vision’s exceptional wire data analytics complements Accedian’s SkyLIGHT™ active monitoring platform, bringing complete visibility of all applications, transactions, and network components together, for the most complete view of network health available. Actionable insight generated by analyzing all traffic crossing physical, virtual, cloud and software-defined network (SDN) infrastructure enables IT and network operations to improve end-user digital experience, application, network, and multi-cloud performance.

Accedian CEO Patrick Ostiguy said, “The combination of Performance Vision and Accedian creates a proposition that is truly unique. There is no other company that is able to offer this level of accuracy and granularity into how the performance of the network and the applications running over it impact the end-user digital experience, in real-time, for enterprises of all sizes.”

Unlike other solutions, the new combined Accedian / Performance Vision platform is completely virtual. It unifies capabilities that are normally distributed in a variety of different products and solutions, reducing complexity and total cost of ownership (TCO). Bringing network awareness to application monitoring-and vice versa-means digital assets can be optimized to deliver the best possible business outcome.

“As virtualization and hybrid cloud applications continue to be deployed at an accelerated pace, the interdependence of network and application performance increases significantly,” said Sergio Bea, Vice President of Global Enterprise and Channels at Accedian. “The ability to see the entire digital infrastructure uniformly-from end-user to multiple data centers, clouds, and SaaS applications-fills a visibility gap that otherwise threatens digital transformation projects’ success, speed, return on investment (ROI), and business value.”

“Our new relationship with Accedian adds valuable scale and reach, allowing us to deliver our solutions to a wider range of customers and organisations than was previously possible,” said Gilles Huguenin, CEO of Performance Vision. “By combining our resources and expertise, we can accelerate innovation and deliver unified solutions that help our customers obtain maximum value and performance from their network and applications-and by extension help their business perform better.”

Accedian’s acquisition of Performance Vision is an expression of intent for the company as it looks to grow its revenue and expand into new markets and business segments in 2018. As part of this wider strategy, and to support the company’s expansion into the enterprise space, Accedian last month made two new executive appointments: Sergio Bea joined the company as Vice President of Global Enterprise and Channels, while Richard Piasentin took the role of Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer.

photo credit: Performance Vision