Cannabis financing Series 3: US cannabis operating companies capture ever larger share

In 2018, Cannabis and related companies from Canada, USA foreign countries raised CDN $16 billion in equity and debt financing. Where did all this money go?

Canada based cannabis and related companies raised $13.03 billion or 81% of the $16 billion total amount. Primarily driven by Constellation Brands’ $5 billion investment in Canopy, Ontario based companies led all jurisdictions with $9.0 billion (56%), BC based companies ranked second raising $2.97 billion (18%).

US based companies raised $3.0 billion or 19% of the total. Companies from Colombia, Israel, Panama raised $14 million.

With ramping interest from US cannabis companies and Canadian companies expanding south of the border, companies with major US operations captured $3.64 billion or 23% of the $16 billion total amount in 2018, an increase of 1,381% over 2017 and 8,566% over 2016.

Foreign companies or companies with major foreign operations raised $137 million (1%) in 2018.

Tomorrow, Cannabis financing Series 4: where did the money come from?

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photo credit: dennisflarsen via pixabay

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