Fondaction CSN commits $1.5M to AmorChem II Fund

AmorChem II Fund L.P., a life sciences venture capital fund specialized in seed-stage biotechnology investing, has secured $1.5 million in additional commitment from Fondaction CSN.

In October 2017, AmorChem II Fund L.P. held an $44.2 million initial close are Investissement Québec, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Merck and other investors.

Fondaction commitment brings the total fund size to $45.7 million.

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photo credit: AmorChem

News Release

AmorChem Announces an Investment of Fondaction in its Fund

April 12, 2018

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AmorChem is pleased to announce the addition of Fondaction to the limited partners of the AmorChem II Fund L.P. The fund initially closed on September 19, 2017, having raised capital from the government of Quebec, the Solidarity Fund FTQ, Merck and other qualified investors.

“Having followed the AmorChem team closely for a number of years, we recognise their expertise and the significant impact their fund has in the lifesciences sector” says Geneviève Morin, Head of Investments. “We are proud to be supporting an emerging team whose activities play an essential role in the financing chain”.

Since its creation, the Fondaction has been distinguishing itself by focusing on thoughtful investments that seek to support, promote and encourage sustainable development. The organisation has developed a distinct expertise in impact investing by focusing on the social, territorial, environmental and economic benefits of its financing activities.

“Adding a new limited partner to AmorChem not only brings additional capital with which to deploy our investment strategy, it also brings further validation from a noteworthy stakeholder in the province’s economy” says Elizabeth Douville, Founder and Managing Partner of AmorChem.

“AmorChem is a builder of small biotech companies that plays a particular role in the province’s lifesciences landscape. It is gratifying to see our investor base broadened in this way” says Inès Holzbaur, Founder and Managing Partner of AmorChem.

About Fondaction CSN
Fondaction ( invests in Québec-based SMEs in order to help create and maintain jobs in Québec from a sustainable development perspective. It manages assets of close to $1.8 billion in retirement savings from more than 138,000 shareholders. Through its investments or its commitments, made either directly or through its partner or specialized funds, Fondaction supports the development of over 1200 SMEs that make a distinctive contribution to Québec’s social and economic development, including a number of social economy enterprises.

AmorChem ( is an early-stage, venture capital fund located in Montreal focused on creating promising life science companies from technologies originating primarily from Quebec-based universities and research centres. Launched in 2011, the AmorChem fund model combines access to financial resources with a virtual incubator structure that enables the rapid development and commercialization of its technologies. The first fund (41.2M$) has built a portfolio of 24 technologies and successfully transacted two pharma exits as well as spun-out five companies. The attractiveness of this seed fund model and the role it plays in the investment ecosystem were highlighted in September 2017 with the launch of the AmorChem II Fund, which now totals $45.7M.

Media Contacts :
Elizabeth Douville, Ph.D., 514-849-6358
Founder and Managing Partner
Inès Holzbaur, Ph.D., 514-849-7454
Founder and Managing Partner