1029 Coffee secures financing

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By Ted Liu

1029 Coffee Shop, a coffee shop offering classical and professional coffee, as well traditional tea, wines, and French style desserts, has raised $[mepr-active rule=”374″ ifallowed=”hide”]##subscriber ONLY content##[/mepr-active][mepr-active rule=”374″]25K in promissory notes[/mepr-active].

1029 Café is a coffee shop that incorporates Chinese and Western Culture and encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. Here we have a wonderful charming and comfortable environment, romantic exoticism, and full of literature and art. Here you can have the business meeting with your business partners, you can have relax chatting with your family and friends, and feel free and cheerful with the classical music surround. At 1029 Café, you can enjoy not only the classical and professional coffee, but also the traditional; tea, wines, and French style desserts as well.

photo credit: 1029 Coffee Shop