CDPQ launches $250M artificial intelligence (AI) fund

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) launched $250M fund dedicated to Québec businesses with a proven track record in artificial intelligence (AI).

BrandProject to raise second fund

BrandProject commenced fundraising for second fund, BrandProject Capital Fund LP, with unspecified fund target.

TIMIA Capital forms $10M limited partnership vehicle

TIMIA Capital formed $10.5M limited partnership (LP) and to receive $5M in cash and $2.4M LP interest for $8.2M portfolio to be transferred to the LP.

Panache Ventures Investment Fund 2018 holds third close

Fonds de Solidarité, Investissement Québec, Alberta Enterprise Corporation, TELUS backed Panache Ventures Investment Fund 2018 held third close


Onex hires João Pedro Silva as Managing Director – Group Procurement

João Pedro Silva joined Onex Corporation (TSX: ONEX) as Managing Director – Group Procurement in its New York office.

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Open Banking: what’s really at stake – by Richard Remillard

“Can Canada build such a national project when it is having such difficulty getting national projects for the 20th century economy off the ground, out of the ground and out to market?”

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Cannabis financing Series 3: US cannabis operating companies capture ever larger share

Ontario cannabis and related companies received lion’s share of cannabis investments. US and companies with major US operations captured increasing share of investments with $3.64B (23%)

Cannabis financing Series 2: The CSE most active exchange 349 deals for $4.65B

The CSE most active exchange in Canada leading with 349 cannabis and related deals for $4.65B (29% of the $16 billion total)

Cannabis financing Series 1: total funding surpasses $16B in 2018

Cannabis and related companies raised $16 billion in 2018, 445% increase over 2017 and 2,117% over 2016.

Transparency at the expense of ‘looking good’?

Integrity and truthfulness do pay; manufactured “looking good” does not help