Canadian governments dramatically ramp up share of total funding

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Government investors, including Canadian, US and internal government investors, ramped investment pace, investing aggregate $667 million in the first nine months of 2023, compared to $778 million for 2022.

Government investors ranked as third largest top investor type, behind Private VC and Corporate VC which invested $1,410 million and $1,161 million as a group respectively.

Top Individual Investor Types ($100M+)

US Private VC investors continue to lead all investor types, investing $921 million, representing 20% of the total amount raised in the first nine months of 2023, down from 22% share in 2022.

Canadian government investors invested $662 million, representing 14% of the total amount in the first nine months of 2023, up from 8% share in 2022. Canadian private VC and Canadian Corporate VC, as a group, each invested $339 million, slightly ahead of Canadian Family investors which invested $288 million.

Canadian Private Investors, including those self-acclaimed “angel” investors, invested $195 million, representing 57.5% of the total amount invested by Canadian Private VC investors. Government support to Canadian Private VC investors amounted not much difference from Canadian Private Investors which received little (in case of “angel”) or no government support.

  1. US Private VC – $921M
  2. CDN Government – $662M
  3. Int’l Corporate VC – $433M
  4. US Corporate VC – $388M
  5. CDN Private VC – $339M
  6. CDN Corporate VC – $339M
  7. CDN Family Office – $288M
  8. US Private PE – $197M
  9. CDN Private Investors – $195M
  10. Int’l Private VC – $149M
  11. US Private Investors – $125M
  12. US Family Office – $105M
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