Canadian VC results – first nine months of 2023

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By CPE Analytics

133 venture capital (VC) financings completed in Q3 2023 for $1.08 billion into Canadian companies, representing drops of approximately 34% and 50% respectively from Q2, 2023.

For the first nine months of 2023, 507 financings completed, translation $4.63 billion into Canadian companies, compared to 535 financings for $6.62 billion for the same period in 2022.

It should be noted that the $4.62 billion raised for the first nine months represented less than half (48%) of total amount raised in 2022.

32 Canadian VC funds raised $1.17 billion in the first nine months of 2023.

CPE Analytics/Canadian Financings will be releasing a series of individual results, please check our daily post.

Next in the Series is “Where does the Canadian VC funding come from?

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