2017 public market starts positive, driven by debt financing

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By CPE Analytics

Canadian public market financing starts 2017 on a very positive note. The public market has been gradually improving from the low of $20.5 billion recorded in Q3 2016, following the peak of $35.6 billion in Q2 2016.

Canadian public companies raised $30.81 billion in 599 deals in Q1 2017, up 46% and 96% in dollar raised and number of deals respectively from the same period last year, up 14% in dollar value but down 1% in deal numbers from previous period in Q4 2016.

In 2016, $104.31 billion in 2240 deals were completed by Canadian public companies.

Largely driven by Valeant’s US $6.25 billion financing, debt offering raised $19.05 billion in 29 deals in Q1 2017, accounting for 61.8% of the total dollar raised but only 4.8% of the total number of deals.

Excluding the large Valeant deal, debt offering has been consistent accounting for 44-49% of total dollar raised since 2016.

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