2020 Canadian Venture Capital at $5.3B, 2nd best since 2017

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By CPE Analytics

CPE Analytics today released 2020 Canadian Venture Capital Report, 610 financing rounds closed in 2020 for total disbursement of $5.3 billion, down 12% and 29 % respectively from record year of 2019. With US investors came back in Q4, 2020 was still to be second best since 2017.

  • City of Toronto was only $1 billion VC city in 2020 with $1.18 billion, compared to 3 in 2019.
  • US Private VC was the top leading investor type, 2.25 times of the second leading type, Canadian Private VC
  • US, UK, South Korea, China, Netherlands rounded up the top 5 foreign funding sources
  • Dentons Canada LLP was the top VC law firm with 77 VC deals

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