Area One Farms hulls in $40M+ for Fund IV

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By Ted Liu

Area One Farms Ltd. has raised over $40 million in additional capital commitments for Area One Farms Limited Partnership IV funds so far in November.

Area One Farms Limited Partnership IV has so far raised over $70 million in 2023 from limited partners from Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, United Arab Emirates and United States.

Area One Farms is the only Canadian agricultural investment group with a model based on real equity partnerships, enabling farm operators to expand without the burden of fees, rent, or interest payments.

Area One Farms bridges the gap between agriculture and equity – helping quality Canadian farmers expand their operations in a stable, committed partnership with investors. Within each equity partnership, we also help farm partners adopt farm management principles and practices that help raise the effectiveness and efficiency of farming operations, increasing their land productivity and overall profitability. We currently have farm partnerships in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. As each farm is unique, we design partnerships as joint ventures to suit and support the financial and operational goals of each operation.

Image by Günther Schneider from Pixabay