ArenaX Labs secures US $6M seed financing

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By CPE News

CPE News Brief (1.14.2024) – ArenaX Labs Inc. has reportedly raised US $6 million in seed funding led by Framework Ventures with participation of SevenX Ventures, FunPlus, Xterio and Moore Strategic Ventures.

ArenaX Labs has yet to make any formal announcement. It is not known if the financing closed in 2023.

Founded by Brandon Da Silva, Wei Xie, and Dylan Pereira, Toronto based ArenaX Labs Inc. is the developer of AI Arena, a game platform is to allow users to access and play the game and acquire AI-powered game NFTs that can be used as characters in the game. To access the game or acquire a game NFT, users will have to have an Ethereum wallet that will be used to store NFTs and NRNs and to authenticate access to the game.

ArenaX Labs Inc. has one Delaware registered US subsidiary.

photo credit: ArenaX Labs