Canadian VC firms raise $1.5B in 2016

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By CPE Analytics

42 venture capital funds raised $1.5 billion in 2016, according the study released by CPE Media.

24 private venture funds raised $1.17 billion and 4 private debt/royalty funds raised $68 million.

Among the 41 funds, 11 are single purpose vehicles (SPVs) raising $30 million. SPVs are increasingly becoming important as Canadian venture capital firm forgoing long fundraising cycle in favour of small and fast structured funds to invest and co-invest in companies. Also included in SPVs, are co-investment funds structured by crowdfunding platform such as InvestX.


Data is complied from Private Capital Dealbase, CPE Media’s all new private capital deal database. Information is collected and cross-verified from numerous public sources.
Venture Capital fundraising includes professionally managed venture capital funds, corporate or government dedicated funds. Excluded financing by publicly traded investment firms and fundraising by tax-incented retail funds.