District Ventures Capital invests OneWorld Foods

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By Ted Liu

District Ventures Capital has made an undisclosed amount of equity investment in Vaughan, Ontario based OneWorld Foods, a Canadian producer of authentic ethnic and Halal foods.

The investment will help bring traditional South Asian and Halal products to an expanding consumer base.

Co-founded by Asim Qureshi and Karim Kanji, OneWorld’s mission is to change how consumers experience ethnic and Halal foods. With a growing ethnic market, and an increasingly sophisticated consumer seeking high flavour profiles with great food, OneWorld is well on its way to success.

“What made OneWorld so exciting to us wasn’t just the extraordinary quality of their products, but Asim and Karim’s passion for creating genuine food experiences. Their passion and knowledge is embodied in each dish they create,” said District Ventures Capital’s Managing Director, Arlene Dickinson.

OneWorld’s products offer simple and clean ingredient decks that pack a punch. The trend for high quality, authentic flavours and no artificial fillers or flavours creates a significant opportunity for OneWorld’s dishes, including its Masala Burger and Tandoori Chicken, among others.

“Before starting OneWorld, we found so much on the shelf that misrepresented ethnic and Halal foods. This misrepresentation – in terms of quality, taste, and branding – was our window to introduce a genuine ethnic experience, using real ingredients, and real spices,” Qureshi said.

“Home grown, hand crafted, high quality food is in our DNA,” said Kanji, “We’re tremendously excited to partner with Arlene and District Ventures Capital to scale our past food experience in a way that maintains the authentic quality of the product so that all consumers can enjoy it.”

“Our goal is to get OneWorld on the shelves of every major retailer,” said Kanji, “so that every consumer’s first ethnic and Halal experience, is an authentic, delicious one.”

photo credit: OneWorld Foods