District Ventures Capital invests Rthm Technologies

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By Ted Liu

Rthm Technologies Inc. has secured an undisclosed amount of investment from Arlene Dickinson’s Venture Capital fund, District Ventures Capital.

Rthm Technologies has previously received funding from MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund.

Toronto based Rthm Technologies, one of the first companies in the space of mobile genetics, is revolutionizing how people use their mobile devices to make healthier choices. It is the only app in the world that maps a users’ body clock – or circadian rhythm – to identify the optimal times to eat, exercise and sleep. Rthm is a world leader in biometric algorithms, and is the first app to track heart rate just by holding a smart phone to your chest.

Alexander Mosa and Anthony Mouchantaf started Rthm Technologies to bring health data to the public more quickly and through an accessible medium – their phones. Now, Rthm’s app is one of the number one downloads in 26 countries and counting. Rthm is the the only health tracking app that can monitor all biometrics, like heart rate and steps, with just a smartphone, eliminating additional wearable technology device costs for consumers.

“People are inundated with advice. Rather than add another voice to this noise, we focused on something new, permanent, and well substantiated by science – The Body Clock. It’s a shift from content, to timing. Simply align life to your Body Clock, eat, exercise, and sleep at the times it recommends, and all three will be more effective,” said Mosa.

In May, Rthm blue, a premium in-app purchase was launched. This new addition enables users to measure their heart patterns and sleep stages just by placing their phone on their bed. This type of innovation along with meditation exercises, personalized workout plans, and a Body Clock based wake up alarm, give users a holistic approach to tracking their health.

“Rthm Technologies is shaping the future of the mobile health and wellness sector, and we’re excited to be investing in an innovative team with a proven track record for growth and creativity. The Rthm app already has over 750,000 downloads and now they’re in a position to go to the next level with our strategic investment,” said Dickinson.

photo credit: Rthm Technologies