Holy Cow Foods files for up to $3M CSE IPO

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By CPE News

CPE News (7/13/2021) – Holy Cow Foods Inc. has filed a preliminary prospectus in connection with a proposed initial public offering of common share units.

Holy Cow Foods Inc. intends to offer a minimum of 2,352,942 units and a maximum of 3,529,412 units at a price of $0.85 per unit for minimum gross proceeds of $2 million and maximum gross proceeds of $3 million.The offering is subject to the minimum offering being achieved.

Research Capital Corporation acts as sole and exclusive agent. Segev LLP and Vantage Law Corporation are acting as legal counsel to Holy Cow Foods and the agent respectively.

The prospectus also qualifies the distribution of 4,089,000 units comprised of special warrant unit shares and warrants upon the exercise or deemed exercise of 4,089,000 issued and outstanding special warrants and up to 3,529,412 units from deemed exercise of up to 3,529,412 special warrants to be issued.

Vancouver based HHoly Cow Foodsis a plant-based food company, currently focused on the production and sale of products that are made of 50% plant-based, and 50% conventional meat ingredients. The company is focused on the “transitional” segment of the plant-based foods market, enabling consumers to satisfy their health, animal welfare and environmental sustainability goals without giving up meat altogether or while potentially transitioning to a fully plant-based diet.

Holy Cow Foods is led by President & CEO Paul Rivas, a restaurant owner and professional chef. Rivas is the only shareholder beneficially owning over 10% of the current expected outstanding shares.

photo credit: Holy Cow Foods