INOSSEM Canada secures $3.5M seed financing

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CPE News (6.1.2022) – INOSSEM Canada has raised $3.5 million in seed financing led by AISCA Group, a Chinese investment firm.

Montréal based INOSSEM Canada is an IT solution & Enterprise software leader specializing in Business Process Hyperautomation.

INOSSEM Canada is majority owned by Nanjing, China based INOSSEM Software.

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News Release

INOSSEM Global has successfully raised C$3.5 million in Seed-Round financing to help Canadian SMBs digitally transform

June 01, 2022 08:00 ET | Source: INOSSEM

Montreal, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — INOSSEM Global, an IT solution & Enterprise software leader specializing in Business Process Hyperautomation, is proud to announce the closure of a C$3.5 million financing. This new investment will accelerate INOSSEM to offer the best in class and fully-size solutions in Supply Chain and Hyperautomation SaaS industry. This new funding results from recently closed Seed-Round financing led by Montreal-based venture AISCA Group.

INOSSEM’s core management team comprises industry veterans from Accenture, IBM, PWC and other Fortune 500 companies. They carry decades of business strategy, software technology and consulting experience. Since its founding, INOSSEM has established its business around wholesale, supply chain & logistics, and green tech for SMBs in Ontario, Quebec province and the U.S. east coast.

Digital transformation is still a nascent trend among Canadian SMEs, which account for more than 85% of Canada’s market. But growing businesses often fail to find the right strategy due to conflicting information. A common cause of the confusion is the siloed operations between financials, supply chain, sales and operation management. This fragmented information structure severely impedes business growth.

The rising challenge, INOSSEM designed its solutions to boost business efficiency by harmonizing, consolidating and converting information into actionable insights. Its strategy is founded upon dedication and persistence; clients will always have consistent access to INOSSEM experts until they reach their desired metrics. SMEs can quickly analyze the past year’s ROI using INOSSEM’s solutions to formulate future market strategies.

As a market disruptor, INOSSEM’s vision and innovations have attracted top talents globally. Over the last four years, its team in North America has grown ten folds, reaching 100 employees in January 2022.

“INOSSEM appreciates the trust by AISCA Group. The investment we’ve received at this early stage will, without a doubt, encourage us to reach greater heights and redouble our expansion efforts in North America. We aim to deliver greater innovations in Supply Chain technology, Hyperautomation operations, and Digital Transformation services for our customers. INOSSEM is grateful for this endorsement and looks forward to helping more organizations scale their operations and rapidly grow their businesses.” Twig Chen, Co-Founder of INOSSEM Group and Head of INOSSEM Global.

What Makes Us Different

According to Gartner’s new forecast this year, the worldwide market for hyper-automation-enabling technology will reach $600 billion by 2022, Up from $481.6 billion in 2020 and a projected $532.4 billion in 2021. “Organizations will require more IT and business process automation as they are forced to accelerate digital transformation plans in a post-pandemic, digital-first world.” — Fabrizio Biscotti, Research VP at Gartner

INOSSEM Global delivers state-of-the-art digital business applications and AI-driven Hyperautomation solutions to help organizations rapidly transform, streamline, and automate. By harnessing the power of multiple technologies, tools and methodologies, we help businesses automate everything – a collaboration between application systems, user interfaces, people, and intelligent equipment – in a visual way.

Hyperautomation breaks down the silos and communication barriers that have long hampered businesses. It has already shown impressive ROI for companies of all sizes. By increasing automation and decision-makers power as they seek to create new opportunities, companies can develop more sustainable solutions, reduce costs without sacrificing quality, and remain agile and competitive.

“The services and products delivered by INOSSEM are top-notch across the industry. In recent years, digital transformation and automation have remained a high priority for Segway. The professionalism and experiences that INOSSEM demonstrated sufficiently fulfill our needs. We are moving beyond and collaborating on business performance – and ultimately succeed together.” – Kacie Xu, Director of Operations and Finance at Segway.

INOSSEM Global has also helped industry leaders like Softchoice, Greenworks and Markor, etc., transform their business with Hyperautomation operations and Supply Chain technology supported by our strategy and digital transformation capabilities.

About Us

INOSSEM is a global technology company that provides software solutions to enterprise customers. It focuses on technology convergence, including AI and RPA, and value creation to help customers improve their business process, drive business growth and achieve digital transformation.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, INOSSEM Global delivers state-of-the-art digital business applications and AI-driven Hyperautomation solutions to help organizations rapidly transform, streamline, and automate their business operation.

The company has a global delivery network and has offices in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Boston, Austin, San Francisco and Singapore. Dedicated to contributing to a vibrant technology sector, the company has invested in several centres of excellence for R&D in North America.

As a one-stop digital transformation service provider, INOSSEM offers solutions in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e-Commerce, and Supply Chain Operation & Management. The company serves customers spanning the globe.