Investors of BC mortgage and real estate investments

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By CPE Analytics

For the first nine months of 2022, British Columbia based mortgage investment corporation (MICs), private real estate investment funds (REITs), and syndicated mortgage funds raised $2.7 billion from investors across all Canada and foreign investors.

The findings by Canadian Financings, based regulatory fillings by MICs, REITs and syndicated mortgage funds, show an interesting mix of investors and results.

It should not be any surprise that BC investors were the primary investors of those investments, which invested almost $2 billion or 74% of the total investments.

Non-BC Canadian investors invested $659 million or 24% of the total.  International investors invested $53 million or 2% of the total.

Chinese investors, which have been actively in buying real properties in BC, were also active in investing in those investments, leading all international investors with $22.68 million investment, accounting for approximately 43% of total international investments.

It is of interest to note that three Iranian investments accounted for $7 million and who are those Iranian investors?

Jurisdiction $ Invested (Mil)
British Columbia 1,992.30
Ontario 338.88
Alberta 123.68
Quebec 93.74
Saskatchewan 45.00
Manitoba 41.22
Nova Scotia 12.87
New Brunswick 1.86
Newfoundland and Labrador 1.59
Prince Edward Island 0.21
Yukon 0.10
Northwest Territories 0.01
China 22.68
Israel 10.39
Iran 7.00
Hong Kong 6.13
United Kingdom (UK) 5.75
United States  (USA) 0.71
South Africa 0.15
TOTAL 2,704.26

Source: Canadian Financings/CPE Analytics.