Mary Agrotechnologies to go public on CSE

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By CPE News

CPE News (12/9/2020) – Mary Agrotechnologies Inc. has filed a non-offering prospectus for the purpose of listing of its common shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

Mary Agrotechnologies has applied for a listing of its common shares on the CSE.

Markham, Ontario based Mary Agrotechnologies is in the business of developing affordable, automated, aesthetically appealing technologies for communities to grow all kinds of produce regardless of local climate. Its signature product, Mary Model Z, is a grow box, which is a partially or completely enclosed system for growing plants indoors or in small areas. “Mary Z is designed for consumers, takes advantage of the legalization of cannabis, and features a stylish Wi-Fi connected growing system that is automated by cloud-based artificial intelligence, with built-in air conditioning, active filtering system to control odour and mould, immersive multi-directional lighting, pre-made nutrient packs, and a smartphone app that can monitor and control the unit virtually anywhere,” said the company in the prospectus.

Mary Agrotechnologies has a wholly-owned subsidiary, Mary Agrotechnologies Hong Kong Limited which holds a 75% interest in Yunnan Moquan Agrotechnologies Ltd. Yunnan Xizhi Biotechnologies Ltd. of China holds the remaining 25% interest in Yunnan Moquan Agrotechnologies. Yunnan Moquan Agrotechnologies, through its Yuxi and Luquan branch offices, hold the hemp cultivation license and processing pre-license in Yunnan Province.

Mary Agrotechnologie has previously raised $1.035 million through the issuance of convertible notes using a modified Keep It Simple Securities (KISS) template developed by 500 Startups (All KISS Notes have since been converted common shares), $2.735 million by way of private placements.

Mary Agrotechnologies current has 40,497,924 common shares issued and outstanding with founder & CEO Frank Qin controlling 48.06% of the outstanding shares.

photo credit: Mary Ag