Multi-talented or just plain egotistic goofing around

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By Ted Liu

Canada has a dearth of world-beating companies and we are hoping one day our homegrown entrepreneurs could put Canada back on the map.

Realistic expectation?

Given some of the “successful” entrepreneurs moonlighting for second career, that day may still far away.

We have “multi-talented” entrepreneurs pursuing the second career as venture capitalists, even the government is willing to give money to them so they can pretend to be venture capitalists. We also have entrepreneur-columnists, dishing out their wisdom and enjoy the spotlight of being called “guru”.

Running a company is a full-time job, not a faint-hearted part-time job. To run and mold the company into a world-class company requires single-minded focus, attention, and execution. Distraction won’t do.

Having successfully raised venture capital funding does not make you the entrepreneur a great venture capitalist.

It also begs a troubling question – why the venture capitalists (VCs) let them, instead of insisting on them focusing on running and executing to be successful?

If I were to invest my own money in a company I would want the CEO to focus and make the company success so I could get my money back and the satisfaction of helping the company achieve the goal. Why won’t the VCs care?

photo credit: Tama66 via pixabay