MYND Life Sciences to list on CSE

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By CPE News

CPE News (3/1/2021) – MYND Life Sciences Inc. has filed amended non-offering preliminary prospectus prospectus in connection. MYND Life Sciences has applied to list its shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

MYND Life Sciences Inc. was formed on November 26, 2020 as a result of the amalgamation of Winter Soldier Capital Corp. and MYND Life Sciences Inc.

Founded by Dr. Lyle Oberg and Dr. Wilfred A. Jefferies, MYND Life Sciences is a life science based, neuro-pharmaceutical drug development company, advancing medicines based on neuro-anti-inflammatory substances through rigorous science and clinical trials with an initial focus on Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). The company’s mission is to further its existing research linking depression and inflammation at the genetic and cellular level to develop a pharmaceutical treatment utilizing compounds found in psychedelics with the initial focus being on psilocybin and its various analogs.

Dr. Jefferies, MYND’s Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer, holds a Health Canada Authorization to research psilocybin at the Michael Smith Laboratories located in Vancouver, Canada at the University of British Columbia.

In November 2020, MYND Life Sciences raised $2.5 million by way of private placements. The company intends to use proceeds to commence screening the various psilocybin analogs using Human Mycogene as a target to identify selected analogs for optimization.

MYND Life Sciences currently has 45,933,382 common shares issued and outstanding. Dr. Jefferies is the single largest shareholder, controlling 10,340,583 shares or 22.5% of the issued and outstanding. Dr. Oberg controls 2,941,320 shares or 6.4% of the issued and outstanding.

photo credit: MYND Life Sciences