NBIF and 500 Startups Canada enter partnership agreement

Ted Liu

The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation and 500 Startups Canada have entered into a partnership to help seed and scale up more world-class startup companies in New Brunswick and across Atlantic Canada.

The partnership includes an investment by NBIF in the newly launched 500 Startups Canada venture capital fund.

“We’re excited to partner with 500 Startups Canada and to help them source and select deals in the region, to connect our startups with their extensive network of mentors, founders, and investors,” said Calvin Milbury, President and CEO of NBIF. “It’s encouraging to work with a like-minded investor who believes as much as we do in the potential of our startup companies in the region.”

500 Startups Canada is a national venture capital seed fund with partners or associates in each major innovation centre, including Vancouver, Waterloo, Toronto, Montreal, and Fredericton.

“Atlantic Canada has more great startup activity happening than anyone outside the region knows, and nowhere is that more evident than in New Brunswick and the ecosystem developed there by NBIF and many others,” said Sanjay Signhal, Managing Partner of 500 Startups Canada. “With all this activity, there is no way we could do the region justice in terms of investment coverage without NBIF as partners in the strategy and execution of finding, funding, and growing the next generation of great Canadian companies.”

photo credit: StartupStockPhotos via pixabay