Nicola Wealth launches NWM Private Debt Fund

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By Ted Liu

Nicola Wealth Management Ltd. (NWM) has officially launched NWM Private Debt Fund.

Similar to NWM Private Equity Limited Partnership, the private debt fund will combine a fund-of-funds approach with a direct co-investment in private debt opportunities to earn an attractive premium above public market fixed income yields and returns. The fund is targeting 7-8% income yield plus 2-3% capital gains, for 9-11% net return per annum.

“By partnering with a stable of handpicked sub-managers, we are able to diversify across regions, industries, and strategies to include a wide set of private debt opportunities,” said NWM President, David Sung. “Nicola Wealth has always focused on an asset allocation that extends beyond typical stocks and bonds to create true diversification. We see great potential in adding private debt to that mix.”

Nicola Wealth Private Debt Fund’s sub-managers include Crown Capital Partners Inc., Penfund, Oaktree, THL Credit, Stream Asset Financial Management, and Vistara Capital Partners Ltd.

NWM has been investing in private debt investments as part of the NWM Private Equity Limited Partnership. NWM Private Debt Fund will hold these seasoned investments as part of its portfolio, resulting in immediate income and diversification benefit to investors.

Vancouver based Nicola Wealth Management is a wealth management and financial planning firm established in 1994. With a philosophy built on cash flow and diversification, its growing series of funds is managed by members of NWM’s Portfolio Management Team.

photo credit: Nicola Wealth Management