PreciThera secures seed financing from Emerillon Capital and Sanderling Ventures

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By Ted Liu

PreciThera, Inc. has raised undisclosed amount in seed funding from Emerillon Capital and Sanderling Ventures. The financing will help launch the company and secure a significant Series A round with several top tier Canadian and foreign investors.

Montreal based PreciThera is a precision medicine company dedicated to the design and the development of innovative biological agents for the treatment of orphan diseases.

PreciThera was founded in 2016 by Dr. Philippe Crine, former VP of Research and Chief Scientific Officer for Enobia Pharma, and Dr. Susan Schiavi, former Senior Scientific Director of Tissue Protection & Repair for Genzyme.

“At Sanderling, we believe that Precision Medicine represents significant opportunity to develop better medicines for patients who, up until now, had very limited options,” said Dr. Pierre Beauparlant, Venture Partner at Sanderling Ventures. “PreciThera can count on the drug development team of our portfolio company, Therillia Development Company Inc. to complement the expertise of its founders and rapidly advance its program.”

“While PreciThera is at an earlier stage that we typically invest in, we decided to support the founders of the company right at its inception, as they have impressive track records of having brought to the market very successful therapies. This is in line with our philosophy of patient capital intended to initiate and create value in innovative projects, with the goal of being an integral part of the innovation ecosystem,” said Dr. Nicola Urbani, Investment Director at Emerillon Capital.

“We are extremely pleased and grateful to Emerillon and Sanderling for having provided seed funding to PreciThera. We take this initial investment as a sign of confidence from investors in PreciThera’s precision medicine approach to drug development. The support of the Therillia team is particularly appreciated at this early stage of the company as it will help us reach our initial milestones in a timely fashion,” said Dr. Philippe Crine, CEO of PreciThera.

photo credit: Republica via pixabay