Requity Homes secures $26M debt and equity funding

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By CPE News

CPE News Brief (1.11.2024) – Requity Homes has reportedly raised $26 million in debt and equity funding led by Highline Beta and Sam Hanhui Sun (Chairman of VSP Private Fund Management (Zhuhai) Co., Limited) with participation of Boardwalk Ventures Inc., Conconi Growth Partners Inc., Archangel Network of Funds Limited Partnership, and private investors.

The funding round closed in early December 2023.

The breakdown of debt and equity portion was disclosed. The bulk of the funding is likely in debt funding. Highline Beta is a hybrid corporate venture studio and VC firm. It manages a 2016-vintage VC fund with undisclosed capital commitments. Highline Beta “invests up to $1 million in each startup, up to the Series A stage.”

Led by founder Amy Ding, Requity Homes offers solution of “rent[ing] your dream home while we help you save for a down payment.”

image by R. E. Beck from Pixabay