Samdesk secures $13.5M Series A

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CPE News (9/30/2021) – Social Asset Management Inc. dba samdesk has closed a $13.5M Series A round of financing with McRock Capital, HarbourVest, Export Development Canada (EDC), and several existing shareholders.

Samdesk has previous closed a $3.5 million seed round with Adventure Capital, Mark Miller, The Associated Press and Accelerate Fund.

Edmonton, Alberta based Samdesk is a global disruption monitoring tool that delivers real-time crisis alerts powered by AI.

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News Release

Samdesk raises $13.5M Series A

Today we’re excited to announce that samdesk has closed a $13.5M Series A financing led by McRock Capital, joined by HarbourVest, EDC, and with participation from several existing shareholders.

Samdesk is a global disruption monitoring tool that delivers real-time crisis alerts powered by AI. We make sense of the world’s most valuable real-time data sources with the purpose to help our customers act faster, with more confidence, at a time when action can make the biggest difference.

The world is more interconnected and interdependent than ever, while at the same time increasingly volatile due to pandemics, wildfires, climate change, global power struggles, extreme politics, and violent crime. These undercurrents are increasing risk and severely impacting the efficiency, safety, and ultimately the bottom line, of nearly every corporation globally. Climate change is costing businesses $210B in damages each year, with each year breaking news records; terrorism and workplace violence is costing businesses $193B in losses every year. In fact, 95% of all Fortune 1000 companies are expecting and preparing for a major external crisis to impact their operations within the next year.

Many teams working in crisis response, security, business continuity, and trust and safety, are stretched to a breaking point trying to respond to these relentless challenges. With increasing frequency and severity, business corporate survival now depends on how organizations respond to unexpected crisis events. Complicating the issue further, most organizations struggle to know they are in a crisis, or that a crisis is severely impacting their operations until it is too late to launch any sort of effective response. The previous generation of systems and processes fail to provide reliable information quickly enough for companies to do anything to mitigate risk and impact. By default, everyone is playing catch up without any early warning – and the cycle continues.

At samdesk we feel more driven than ever before to meet the growing need to spot, alert and inform our clients about critical events as they happen, providing them time to respond when that response can have the greatest impact. Today we couldn’t be more proud to be helping a wide range of clients rise above – turning worst-case scenarios into the best possible outcomes. With the support and guidance from new investors, we are ready to step on the gas and help even more clients get, and stay, ahead.