SensorSuite announces new CEO, Hazelview investment

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CPE News (9.19.2023) – SensorSuite Inc. has appointed Kristian Lavereau as its new Chief Executive Officer and has secured a strategic investment from Hazelview Ventures Inc, the venture capital arm of Hazelview Investments.

Prior to joining SensorSuite, Lavereau served as COO and Director, then Director of Smart Building Technologies with Kontrol Technologies Corp.

Toronto based SensorSuite is an energy management PropTech company, delivers building performance for small and medium sized buildings.

In November 2020, SensorSuite announced debt financing from BDC Capital and Greensoil Building Investment Fund to be used as growth capital.

News Release

SensorSuite announces new CEO and strategic investment to drive product development and market expansion.

TORONTO, SEP 18, 2023 – Building controls solutions provider SensorSuite Inc. has announced the appointment of Kristian Lavereau as its new Chief Executive Officer along with a new, strategic investment from Hazelview Ventures Inc. (“HVI”)

Mr. Lavereau brings over 25 years of experience in the PropTech sector, developing and launching innovative smart building technologies including intelligent HVAC controls that reduce GHG and deliver energy efficiency gains and visibility across portfolios.

“I am excited to work with the SensorSuite team as we launch into the next phase of growth and innovation for our customers,” says SensorSuite’s new CEO, Kristian Lavereau. “Our technology solutions have been developed in preparation to meet the market trends in decarbonizing, electrification and smart building reporting, analytics and optimization which supports our long-term plans and vision in the sector. The recent HVI investment in SensorSuite is an endorsement of the value and scalability of our technology and will accelerate our continued growth in Canada and expansion into the US market.”

New investor Hazelview Ventures is the venture capital arm of Hazelview Investments, investing and partnering with innovators in the PropTech, BuildTech and CleanTech environment that offer creative solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability across the Hazelview property and development management platform.

“Having implemented SensorSuite’s controls platform within our building portfolio, we have seen firsthand the impact this technology can have to help us achieve sustainability goals while ensuring resident comfort remains a top priority” says Roger Poirier, co-founder of Hazelview Ventures. “We are confident that SensorSuite will continue to play a pivotal role in helping organizations reach their sustainability goals, and we look forward to working with Kristian and his team”

Mr. Lavereau shares Mr. Poirier’s optimism on the partnership. “We are very excited to have Hazelview Ventures join Business Development Bank of Canada (“BDC”) and Greensoil Building Investment Fund (“GBIF”) in our investor group,” says Mr. Lavereau. “This strategic partnership creates a range of opportunities for SensorSuite to advance its innovative line of controls products and reinforce its position as a leader in the building IOT energy efficiency space.” Mr. Lavereau adds, “The company acknowledges with gratitude the contributions of former CEO Glen Spry, who will continue providing advisory services to the company for a period of time while he pursues new initiatives to contribute to the clean energy transition”.

About SensorSuite Inc.

SensorSuite, a leading energy management PropTech company, delivers building performance for small and medium sized buildings. Through load and supply management systems, SensorSuite improves building performance and enables energy as an asset.

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