Sonder discloses US $170M Series E, Hopper to announce US $75M Series E

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By Ted Liu

San Fransico, California and Montreal based Sonder has disclosed that it “recently” closed a US $170 million Series E led by Fidelity, WestCap, and Inovia Capital, valuing Sonder at US $1.3 billion. Sonder said it expects to raise additional US $30 million in “the coming weeks” to bring the Series E to US $200 million.

A substantial portion of Sonder’s Series D was raised by Sonder Canada. Series E is likely raised by Sonder Canada’s Delaware parent company.

Another Montreal based company, Hopper, has also recently closed a big round of financing (reportedly to be US $75 million) co-led by WestCap and iNovia Capital. Hopper has yet to formally announce its funding.

Both financings closed in April 2020.

Laurence A. Tosi, Managing Partner at WestCap and former CFO of Airbnb, is a director of both Sonder and Hopper.

photo credit: Sonder