Tundra announces STEM scholarship awards to five famale high school graduates

Ted Liu

Tundra Technical Solutions, a global staffing firm with a focus on Technology and Engineering, has announced the scholarship awards to five recent female high school graduates to assist their pursuit of the STEM careers (science, tech, engineering, and math) at Canadian universities.

The award was part of Tundra’s Launchpad Project, networking young women in STEM with experienced industry mentors.

Women now make up nearly half the workforce but in STEM, one of the most important careers, females lag far behind. Tundra Technical made a commitment to do something about this disparity by offering scholarship awards and mentoring through the Launchpad Project.

Receiving scholarships were Samrin Sobahan,17, from Toronto; Amy Wang, 17; Oshawa’s Marjan Ahmed, 17; Meera Chopra, 17, from Thornhill, and Brampton’s Kortni Kindree, 18.

Kindree will use her grant to attend University of Toronto Mississauga this fall to study biochemistry.

Wang will be at Waterloo in its computer science program. “[the scholarship is] a great deal,” as it’s “a start to her helping with her university expenses. will help others like her get a start in STEM careers.” Wang.

Chopra, interested in neuroscience, has enrolled in McMaster University. “Regardless of obstacles, always persevere, you will achieve your goals,” Chopra.

Sobahan will be at the University of Toronto, studying life sciences. “Some say you can’t do it, and some might not be able to, but you’d be surprised how many can so keep going!” Sobahan.

Ahmed will pursue tech, in the computer science program at Ryerson University.

“Having read all of the applications and project plans required to win the scholarships, I am completely overcome by the skills and intelligence these future female leaders have exhibited,” said Micah Williams, Tundra Technical president. “We are so excited that we are giving these outstanding young women their first boost on the way to successful STEM careers. It was something all did independently. Their families are so proud of them.”

“With so many competing for the grants and attending our mentorship event, the scholarship and mentor program has been a great success,” said Tundra president Williams. “We are so gratified that we are helping these young women to find a place in the industry that has enabled our staffing firm to grow globally,” Williams announced that this fall the Project will be expanded to Montreal and later Vancouver. It will also return to Toronto in 2020.