US VCs, Corporate leading VC backers of Canadian startups

CPE Media today released its preliminary results of Canadian venture capital (VC) investment activities for the first half of 2017.

The highlights of first half results:
Ontario led all provinces attracting $431 million of venture capital investments.

US investors invested $501 million in Canadian startups, almost as much as all Canadian investors combined which invested $551 million.

US Private VCs led all investor types, investing $361 million or almost 30% of the total disbursements.

Corporate Venturing became ever prominent in Canadian venture capital ecosystem, investing $278 million or 23% of all disbursements while all private VCs accounted just over 38% of the total amount.

CPE Media is Canada’s only data provider, actively and accurately tracking VC funding sources and investor types.

CPE Media will release its comprehensive analysis of first half results at end of August or early September.

We will be releasing Canada’s comprehensive league tables.

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To download PDF version of the infographic, click HERE

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