Greybrook Securities leads in exempt financing fees earned in 2021 by EMDs

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By CPE Analytics

CPE Analytics is pleased to release 2021 exempt financing fee leaderboard – Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs).

RANK EMD Fees Earned in 2021
1 Greybrook Securities Inc. D
2 Westcourt Capital Corporation C
3 Pinnacle Wealth Brokers Inc. C
4 Raintree Financial Solutions Inc. C
5 Glores Securities Inc C
6 Eventus Capital Corp. C
7 Skyline Wealth Management Inc. C
8 PowerOne Capital Markets Limited C
9 Florence Wealth Management Inc. C
10 WhiteHaven Securities Inc. C
11 Waverley Corporate Financial Services Ltd. B
12 Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. B
13 Ascenta Finance Corp. B
14 Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc. B
15 EMD Financial Inc. B
16 Generic Capital Corporation B
17 Fisgard Asset Management Corporation B
18 Liahona Capital Inc. B
19 First Republic Capital Corporation B
20 Enoch Wealth Inc. B
21 FrontFundr Financial Services Inc. B
22 Tri View Capital Ltd. B
23 Virtus Capital Management Inc. A
24 Genesis Wealth Management Corporation A
25 Diversifi Alternative Investments Ltd. A
26 Agentis Capital Markets Canada Limited Partnership A
27 Numus Capital Corp. A
28 Accilent Capital Management Inc. A
29 Markham Centre Financial Securities Inc. A
30 Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Inc A
31 Gentai Asset Management Corp. A
32 Redplug Inc. A
33 Windstar Equities Ltd. A
34 Fundscraper Capital Inc. A

A – $0.5-1M
B – $1.1-2.0M
C – $2.1-$10.0M
D – $10M +

Other EMDs – Listed by Fees Earned

Foundation Markets Inc.
IBK Capital Corp.
Abingdon Capital Corporation
Equifaira Private Securities Inc.
Climate Change Infrastructure Management Inc.
Terra Cotta Investment Counsel Inc.
Corton Capital Inc.
Cape Cove Financial Management Inc.
Garibaldi Capital Advisors Ltd.
Canada Easy Investment Store Corporation
Belco Private Capital Inc.
Liberty Mortgage Services Ltd.
M3 Securities Corporation
BT Global Growth Inc.
Axcess Capital Advisors Inc.
Introduction Capital Inc.
AlphaNorth Asset Management
Intrynsyc Capital Corporation
TIMC Securities Inc.
WD Capital Markets Inc.
Metropointe Capital Inc.
Fieldhouse Capital Management Inc.
Equiton Capital Inc
Bellotti Capital Partners
Marquest Asset Management Inc.
Clifton Blake Securities Ltd.
RockBase Capital Inc.
De Luca Veale Investment Counsel Inc.
Palos Wealth Management Inc.
Quantus Investment Corp
ZLC Wealth Inc.
Prime Quadrant Corp.
Delbrook Capital Advisors Inc.
Hyperion Capital Inc.
Portfolio Stewards Inc.
Robson Capital Management Inc.
Girard Investor Services Inc.
Queen Financial Group Inc.
TKA Capital Ltd.
BSM Capital Corporation
Huxton Black Ltd.
Portfolio Strategies Corporation
CVC Market Point Inc.
OCP Fund Management LP
Sentinel Financial Management Corp.
Jin-Ocean EMD Management Ltd.
MICA Capital Inc.
Silver Maple Ventures Inc.
DGW Capital Corp.
Keira Capital Partners inc.
Enlighten Private Capital Inc.
West Harbour Capital
Liberty North Capital Corp.
Equivesto Canada Inc.
Origin Merchant Securities Inc.
Meckelborg Financial Group Ltd.
Alexander Capital Group Inc.
Services Conseils Optimista Inc.
Fundex Investments Inc.
Amuka Capital Corp.
Western Exempt Market Dealer Services Inc.
Higgins Investment Group Inc.
MCF Securities Inc.
Covista Capital Corp.
Zelos Capital Ltd.
HayesCor Real Estate Inc.
Quantum Financial Service (Canada) Ltd.
Atlas One Digital Securities Inc.
Canada The One Financial Corporation
Investia Financial Services Inc.
Devon Capital Inc.
Meadowbank Asset Management Inc.
Keybase Financial Group Inc.
Digimax Capital Corp.
Kite Financial Solutions Ltd.
Crowdmatrix Inc.
Vision Capital Corporation
Couloir Capital Securities Ltd.
Kindigo Capital Ltd
eQuaTe Asset Management Inc
Fidelity Investments Canada ULC
Bull Capital Management Inc.
Optimize Inc.
East West Investment Management Corporation
W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd
Equity Associates Inc.
Advanced Capital Corporation
Delano Capital Corp.
KES 7 Capital Inc.
Loop Securities Inc.
Medalist Capital Ltd.
Kensington Capital Advisors Inc.
Nicola Wealth Management Ltd
Cidel Asset Management Inc.
TriDelta Investment Counsel Inc.
Centurion Apartment REIT Management Inc.
Centurion Asset Management Inc.
KV Capital Inc.
Ullman Wealth Management Inc.


Exempt financings include private and public private (Canadian and foreign), investment funds (issuer, non-investment fund type).
Fees are based on information from regulatory filings.

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