Q1 2020 Canadian VC at $1.36B, COVID-19 impact to come

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By CPE Analytics

CPE Analytics is pleased to release the Canadian venture capital report for Q1 2020.

Summary of findings

  • 5 large deals with deal value of $50 million or more attracted $624.7 million or 46% of the total amount.
  • Top three provinces: Ontario ($636.6 million), Quebec ($359.2 million) and BC ($275.9 million), representing 47%, 26% and 20% of the total amount respectively.
  • Top million-dollar cities: Toronto ($303.0 million), Quebec City ($270 million), Vancouver ($230.9 million), Kitchener, Ontario ($215.0 million).
  • ICT and biotech companies raised $739.4 million (61%) and $354.7 million (26%) respectively.
  • Early-stage companies raised $739.4 million or 54% of the total amount.
  • Investors from 23 foreign countries or regions or overseas territories invested in Canadian companies.
  • Top 5 countries: Canada ($782.1 million), US investors ($457.2 million), South Korea ($69.0 million), United Kingdom ($14.7 million), China ($10.0 million).
  • Top five investor types: Private VC ($452.1 million), Corporate VC ($325.8 million), Private PE ($163.0 million), Institutional VC ($158.4 million), Family Offices ($104.8 million).
  • Top five sub investor types: US Private VC ($298.7 million), Canadian PE ($163.0 million), Canadian Corporate VC ($153.0 million), Canadian Institutional VC ($141.1 million), Canadian Private VC ($136.6 million)

The impact of COVID-19 was limited in Q1 2020; the full impact will likely in Q2 and beyond. The diversity of the VC funding sources are to be watched as it will directly impact on the VC investments.

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Q1 2020 Canadian VC at $1.36B, Canadian investors lead